Jeffrey Grossman

baroque keyboardist and conductor

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Rising at Dawn CD Cover

Rising at Dawn: Chamber Music with Brass by Carson Cooman (Katarzyna Sadej, mezzo-soprano; Chris Gekker, trumpet and flugelhorn; Rebecca Smith, harp; Mark Nelson, tuba; Marie Sierra, piano; Jeffrey Grossman, piano) - Metier Records (Catalogue #MSV 28538) – 2013

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The Welcome News CD Cover

The Welcome News: Choral Music of Carson Cooman (Cambridge Consonance; Jeffrey Grossman, conductor) - Gothic Records (Catalogue #G-49280) – 2012

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Songs of Lightness and Angels CD Cover

Songs of Lightness and Angels (Elizabeth Farnum, soprano; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Jonathan Goodman, tenor; Daniel Grabois, horn; Jeffrey Grossman, harpsichord) - Albany Records (Catalogue #TROY1353-54) – 2012

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A Trip to the Sky CD Cover

Cooman: A Trip to the Sky (Slovak Chamber Soloists; Members of the Zwiebel Quartet; Sarah Darling, viola; Nora Skuta, piano; Jeffrey Grossman, piano; Carson Cooman, piano) - MSR Classics (Catalogue #MS1387) – 2011

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Cosmic Light CD Cover

Keith Barnard: Nocturne / The Ascended Healing Rays of the Cosmic Light / The Palace of Hsi Wang Mu (Jeffrey Grossman, piano) - Metier Records - 1 Jan. 2010

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Nantucket Dreaming CD Cover

Carson Cooman: Nantucket Dreaming (Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and Bohuslav Martin? Philharmonic Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, conductor; Chris Gekker, trumpet/flugelhorn; Emmanuel Feldman, cello; Jeffrey Grossman, piano; Roman Mesina, bassoon and the Zwiebel Quartet) - Naxos Records – 2010

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Leland Smith CD cover

Leland Smith: Piano and Chamber Music (Sarah Darling, viola and violin, and Jeffrey Grossman, piano) - Naxos Records – 15 Dec. 2008

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New Dawn CD cover

New Dawn: Song Cycles and Piano Music of Carson Cooman (Amanda Forsythe, soprano, and Jeffrey Grossman, piano) - Albany Records - 1 Oct. 2008

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There and Back CD cover

There and Back (Jeffrey Grossman, piano) - October 2006

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This disk explores connections among diverse styles of keyboard music from all eras, including music by fourteen composers from four continents and four centuries—-music ranging from Joseph Haydn to a jazz spiritual arranged by Joe Utterback!

Reunion CD cover

Reunion / Retrouvailles (Jeffrey Grossman, piano) - March 2007

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An eclectic mix of composers from Elliott Carter to W. A. Mozart to Charles Wuorinen. The disc features several premiere recordings. Unlike most solo CDs, the disc does not attempt to present a common group of works of a single composer or period, but instead mixes all types of pieces together in what can be thought of as a meeting ("reunion") of composers who could never have actually mingled together. The word retrouvailles refers to a particular type of reunion, that intense reawakening of feelings (platonic or otherwise) that comes when you are with someone again. Apart from referring to the title of Elliott Carter's piano work on the disc, Jeff finds this word particularly evocative of the disc's idealogy.